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Zanesville, Ohio Friday November 12, 2012

A&E’s BIO CHANNEL’S  “My Ghost Story Caught on Camera” 

to feature Junction City Police Department

JUNCTION CITY — Something’s creeping in the Junction City Police Department halls.

Viewers have a chance to find out what tonight when the department is featured on A&E Bio’s “My Ghost Story.”

The episode, which features Police Chief Amy English, starts at 9 pm.

For years, people have been joking about the Junction City police station being haunted. When she started there in 2006, English said, officers always said they were hearing footsteps and inexplicable noises in the hallway that connects the department with mayor’s office. The police chief at the time dubbed the noises the office ghost and left it at that, she said.

Then in 2011, after English had been chief for a year and a half, the noises started getting more prevalent, she said.

“Usually, you hear it after midnight when nobody’s around and the building’s nice and quiet,” she said.

Then things started going missing. Papers would disappear from English’s desk, only to turn up later in, for example, “a file from four years ago, with no reason as to why it was there,” English said.

So, English had her husband, Mark Ross, contact his friend Eric Glosser, a retired police officer who runs the Newark-based United Paranormal Project. Glosser brought a team to Junction City in August 2011, and they filmed at the police station from 10p.m. one night to 2 or 3a.m. the next morning, English said.

English is a self-described skeptic, and the Junction City police department building is more than 100 years old, she said. So she expected Glosser to tell her the noises were just creaky boards or the building’s foundation settling.

Instead, Glosser showed her footage of white orbs captured on an upstairs camera and a shadowy figure coming out of her office. The crew also captured audio of a whispered, “They’re back,” English said. “They had gotten some images that, we couldn’t really explain what they were,” she said. “The one that really got us all was a very large, white shadowy figure that came zooming out of my office.”

Even after English saw the videos (which are posted on YouTube, she still wasn’t convinced.

The figure coming out of her office definitely gave her pause, however, she said. It was fast, but the film crew slowed the footage down and split it into still frames, she said.

“You could see there’s a definite shape to it, but I still don’t know what it is. … That one made even my officer raise eyebrows, like, ‘Wow, what was that?’” she said.

After seeing the videos, English put the whole subject out of her mind. She wasn’t convinced one way or the other, but she decided to let it drop, file it under “unknown” and move on, she said.

Then three or four months later, Glosser contacted her to let her know he had sent the footage to A&E’s “My Ghost Story.” English said she talked back and forth with producers over the phone, then they flew her out to Los Angeles for on-camera interviews.

Now, more than a year after the original footage was shot, the episode is ready to go.

English is excited to see her department on TV, and she’s also a little apprehensive to see how the episode turned out, she said.

As far as whether the Junction City Police Department really is haunted, English isn’t sure — and she’s OK with that. If it is a ghost, it’s not a scary one, she said.

“Being here, you know, you don’t feel scared. You don’t feel like there’s some kind of evil presence, not at all,” she said. “… I get a little aggravated when some things go missing, but they always turn up … in the most unexpected places.

“My line of work, I tend to look for the hard facts and evidence, but some things just can’t be explained,” English said. “When it comes to ghosts, you can’t prove or disprove anything, and it really comes down to personal belief in spiritual life. Do I believe that a spiritual life exists? Absolutely. Do I believe that it’s souls trapped between existences? It could be —that’s a whole realm I’m not proficient in.”

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