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About Us

The United Paranormal Project (UPP) is devoted to the scientific and rational exploration of the paranormal and the extensive historical research that goes along with it. Our mission is to investigate the paranormal and help those in need. We maintain a high standard of ethics and professionalism. Members of UPP are all seasoned veteran paranormal investigators who have worked multiple years in the paranormal field.

The Team was formed in 2011 by Eric Glosser, a retired Newark Police Officer and Marty Myers. Eric had a burning desire to research the paranormal and hand picked people with various backgrounds and abilities. If Eric picked you, you were part of the family. Unfortunately Eric passed in the summer of 2021, leaving a huge hole in the team. Prior to his death Eric sent notification to the Team the Sam Taylor would be his replacement. Sam still runs the Team, along with the private and public investigations at the Twin City Opera House, as well as Crossover Paranormal which functions as a residential investigation and cleansing Team utilizing members of UPP.

UPP travels throughout the eastern United States performing their own investigations too. The team brushes up their skills by visiting some of the most haunted locations in the United States. From the Buffalo NY Train Station, to Hinsdale House in NY, Wildwood Sanitarium in NY, and Wilson Castle in Vermont, UPP has been there. We have investigated shipyards on the Atlantic Coast, have investigated the Monroe House in Indiana, Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary in Tennessee, and everything in between. If it’s haunted, UPP has probably investigated it. UPP typically investigate approximately 8 locations per year.

The Team has appeared on radio stations, internet radio shows, and podcasts. They have also appeared on A&E Bio Channel’s “My Ghost Story Caught on Camera” twice, SyFy Chiller Channels “Spooked The Reality Series”, Travel Channel’s “Portals To Hell” (Season 1, Episode 2), Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures “Season 9, Episode 13), NBC News, WHIZ News, and in dozens of paranormal magazines. There are too many appearance on YouTube and Twitch Channel to mention.

The United Paranormal Project also manages all private and public ghost hunts at the Haunted Twin City Opera House located in McConnelsville, Ohio.